10 Design Components Used By the Best Interior Designers in Los Angeles

November 21, 2016

When it comes to creating a living space that can be appreciated by those who will occupy it, there has to be a perfect blend of imagination and function. Talking of Best Interior Designers in Los Angeles, you need to consider someone who can help to make your dream come alive, while still factoring in the functionality of each room. Here are 10 design components that must be taken into consideration in order to make that happen.

Kitchen area with marble floor of a show room



Before you can get to the decoration part of things, it is important to be familiar with the mood that goes for each room. If it is a bedroom the mood should be peaceful, perhaps a sanctuary for the occupants. If you are creating a honeymoon suite for a boutique hotel, then your boutique hotel designer will seek to create a mood that is romantic. Children’s playrooms are generally made to be cheery and exciting, while formal dining rooms tend to be more sophisticated. The décor in each room ought to appeal aesthetically and emotionally.



Among other components, functionality is one that can never be overemphasized. Top interior designers in Los Angeles are fond of incorporating functionality right at the layout stage of any room they intend to work on. Here the design of the room designed takes into account the measurements of the room, the size of the furniture that will be going into the room, and the activities that are expected to happen therein. It is noteworthy to point out that how each room is used is based on the lifestyle of the occupants. The needs of the family should definitely be considered at this point.



Perhaps the greatest and most important task in interior decoration is selecting the furniture that will go into any room. The theme of the room and functionality of the furniture are aspects that come into play at this stage. For instance you would be totally off if you decided that white leather sofas need to be in the kids’ room. On the other hand, when it comes to the living area, home designers in Los Angeles will agree that if you will be splurging on anything, it should be the sofa. This is the first thing that captures people’s attention on entering a room and it occupies a large part of the space. Further on, color, size, fabric, and quality are features that an interior designer can’t possibly overlook.


Decorative Objects

Ever heard about a room’s personality or life?

This is what decorative objects do to your space. Pick out items you are in love with, which reflect your personality and use these to dress your room. Remember your identity goes beyond the physical you that people see, to your friends, the books you read, and your rooms! So why not let your space define you. If you enjoy collecting art, by all means find a place for art in your home. Arrangement matters a big deal. For some creative arrangement ideas, check out how art showrooms near you have displayed their collections. It may also be a good idea to check hotel interior design and see how they display decorative objects in different rooms since this is generally done by professional designers. Interior design magazines also feature some well decorated homes so here is another rich home décor resource.


Window Treatments

One of the decisions you will have to make for every room in your home is to select window treatments. The kind of window treatment you will opt for goes along with the functionality of the room you will use it on. Blinds or draperies are a good option in this case yet still shutters seem to be making a comeback. To touch up sophistication, you can go for drapes, otherwise use shutters if you intend to add a splash of color to your home’s exterior.



Good design firms in Los Angeles will immaculately design a room and incorporate natural elements and plants. Plants make a room seem fresher and create such warmth that only they can bring. Incorporating potted plants should never be an afterthought but part of the plan. Not only do they brighten up the home, they make the air cleaner by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing more oxygen into the atmosphere.


Adding Layers

This is the secret to adding visual warmth and comfort to any room. Some worthwhile ideas include adding a fuzzy area rug, pillows on the bed, some throw pillows on the sofa, curtains and so on. Blend in different types of fabrics, textures, and color to compliment your theme and ambience. Some velvet pillows, plush rugs, mohair blankets, and silk curtains are good examples that you can consider using. This type of layering makes a room feel not only cozy but also lavish. Most importantly, it works across various settings. Be sure to find it in the home and the hotel, while still the senior living interior designers will use it when decorating a long-term facility as well.



Whichever room you decorate needs to create a cohesive story. Nothing can be more disturbing than sitting in a room where things just seem out of place, cacophonous, and disjointed. The styles, colors, furniture, window treatments, accessories, light fixtures, flooring selections, and all other items should marry harmoniously. Where this is not achieved, the mood you are trying to create gets affected. This means then, that as you are selecting each item, it should always be viewed in light of the other components that make up the entire room. Always remember that the whole is a sum of its parts therefore all different parts must blend and not clash.


Classic Linen

When it comes to designing your room, it is advisable to stick to classic lines. Your furniture pieces, especially the larger ones, should follow this rule. Classic lines are fantastic because they have stood the test of time and never really become outdated. For items that less expensive and can easily be replaced once they are outdated, it is best to go with trendy pieces. That way you keep the more expensive pieces longer, in good shape, and fashionable, so you do not have to switch them 5 years down the line.



We did mention decorative objects above and vignettes fit into this category except that they are groupings of decorative objects. These can easily be created by either arranging objects on an end table, art of pictures on the wall, or even furniture. If you arrange chairs by a large window to create a space where you can enjoy great conversations with your friends, you will have created a delightful vignette. The idea is to create spots around the room where the eye can relax, stop moving, and just enjoy. These do not have to be expensive things. Candlesticks arranged to form a centerpiece on the dining table is a great example. The items need to be cohesive and you should limit yourself to just three items until you become more experienced in doing this.


With good Los Angeles interior decorators not only will you have a fantastic home, but it will be wholly yours. Your home should reflect and indeed showcase who you are.  It should convey your passions, tastes, loves, hobbies and even travels.  If you enjoy color then it should be reflected throughout your home in the form of removable wallpaper and throw pillows as well as other things.  If you enjoy travelling, then some of the artifacts you have collected over the years should be on display.  Let your imagination loose while factoring in the functionality of each space and you will have a beautiful room that you can appreciate.