Loft Living German Style By The Best Interior Designers In Los Angeles

June 12, 2017

Loft Living German Style By The Best Interior Designers In Los Angeles-01

If it is one thing that Germans excel at it is bringing the utilitarian a touch of finesse and nowhere is this truer than in their interior design.

Renowned the world over for world class engineering, it may surprise some of our clients to know that German interior design is more than just functional. It is also effortlessly stylish and brimming with the sort of clever touches you would expect from sophisticated Europeans.

Should you want to renovate your home with the Berlin flavor the best interior designers in Los Angeles have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Loft Living German Style

Maybe you didn’t know that German lofts were a “thing” but there is a lot of inspiring design both within the interiors and the exteriors of German loft apartment living, which could teach a thing or two to even the best interior designers in Los Angeles!

Open plan design may well be something that you are planning for either your loft conversion or your loft apartment.

And this is something our designers would encourage, in the pursuit of a German edge.

This can be achieved in part by the use of modular furniture, an emphasis on the light and airy surroundings and keeping the design simple but effective.

High ceilings, which slope to the very low, are bound to be an aspect of any loft living space. These can make for an interesting architectural look and make a feature all of their own, without the need for any fussy design.

If there is pre-existing brickwork showing the apartment, we might be tempted to keep it there and make it into a feature.

If this seems a little bold – it can also be made to work in tandem with wallpaper – an effect which can quite take some people by surprise at how well the overall effect can turn out.

In keeping with German design though, we will be going for simplicity; but with some bolder, stronger elements than are traditionally found in the better known Scandinavian design.

This may mean a few more daring streaks – maybe in the artwork or possibly with the use of color.

Although white is a perennial favorite for loft design, it does not have to be the only color we can use.

Recently, we have worked with loft designs incorporating industrial gray or light blue and think that colors reflecting the sky bring an optimistic look to any attic living space.

Natural Surroundings

Similar to Scandinavian design, but with a softer side, German design brings the human touch to an otherwise functional interior.

Sea grass and wicker are two such materials which will help to soften the clean lines and efficient engineering of your German themed interiors.

Bringing in the green, getting plants and nature to interact within the confines of an otherwise utilitarian space, can help to not only give it a less hard edge, but brings a greener feel to all your interiors.

Open It Out

The principal tenet of most loft living is open plan and the German inspired design is no exception here.

With the clever use of modular furniture, we can multi-purpose items such as the couch or chairs to open out into beds, where needed.

Storage solutions can also be connected together or separated out, in a myriad of different ways to both bring a practical solution to your living needs as well as looking tidily functional.

Loft Living German Style By The Best Interior Designers In Los Angeles-02A corner couch arrangement with a large, fluffy area rug spread over your open plan, wooden floored loft may be all you need to denote the living space.

Similarly, your dining space could be a long and functional pine table with comfortable, but practical, accented chairs around it. This will ensure both comfort, for the dining experience, as well as the ability to multi task with the chairs, in what may be a limited space.

In other words, we want to be both elegant and luxurious, whilst still retaining the utilitarian design.

Don’t Be Scared To Paint It

Unlike Scandinavian themed designs, German contemporary interiors are not shy of the use of color.

White will continue to be a major theme in any loft design, but it does not have to be uniformly so.

As we have mentioned, industrial gray is a strong choice – if used sparingly. It can be lightened by the use of white contrasting lines, for example, along the baseboard and the window frames.

Sky blue can make a cheerful companion to any loft living space, reminiscent of the sky outside.

Brighter colors can be introduced with the accessories and accents in your living space – amongst the cushion covers and smaller dashes like the light shades.

These lighter or bolder dots of color make the perfect contrast to a slate gray or white interior.

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European Minimalism

You don’t have to be styling a loft or even an open plan apartment, in order to “do” European style minimalism.

But if you are remodeling or converting your loft space, it might be an idea to embrace it especially.

Sometimes, the conventional wisdom of interior design can be to convince the eye that they are not actually in a loft.

And whilst there is nothing wrong with the cozy or the traditional, we feel that an opened out, airier design, which uses its features sparingly can work wonders in a loft design.

We can still wow the eye and seduce the senses, with the minimalism of a brick wall, incorporated into the design of your kitchen unit. They might even make a built-in backsplash – without the need to do a thing!

An industrial locker can be brought to life with some metallic paint and either given the distressed, utilitarian look or something a shade bolder.

The Windows

Because this is a loft, we are expecting that the privacy aspect of the windows is not going to be such an issue, as perhaps it would be for a ground or even first floor design.

This gives our design team a lot of creative freedom to do whatever you want with the windows – including the option of simply doing nothing!

Blinds or simple white drapes add a touch of softness, as well as privacy into your loft design, should you opt for them. They can also help bring total darkness to your loft space, which could possibly become very heated in the sunlight.

Bringing Style To Utilitarian Designs

The German loft experience is all about bringing a sense of style to the functional.

That could mean re-upholstering, re painting and repurposing the practical to make it not only stylish but also luxurious.

Fewer Patterns More Textures

Patterns are used sparingly in the majority of German themed interiors.

Our interior designers will help pick out materials and designs with a rich textural feel or use color to lift the design scheme.

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There Is Still Room For The Beautiful

Finally, there is still always space for the pretty within a German themed interior and this is also true for your loft remodel.

German style is about the practical meeting the beautiful and always with perfect results.

Our best interior designers in Los Angeles just love this sea grass and wicker ensemble, all in cool oatmeal shades and pure, lush white, and can help bring this look to your loft or apartment.