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Shutters Or Blinds? Our Residential Interior Designer Advises You
April 5, 2017
BLINDS AND SHUTTERS – AN OVERVIEW If you are blind to the difference between shutters and blinds, then our residential interior designer will be able demonstrate them when you arrange for our design team to visit [...]
All The Shades In Between: A Guide For Contemporary Home
April 4, 2017
WHEN IS A SHADE NOT A SHADE? To the casual observer, the universe of window treatments is a little confusing. And it is true that world of contemporary home interior design can be a little [...]
Living In The Light: Tips From The Top Senior Living
March 29, 2017
In 2017, senior living has grown up, not old. As the leading senior living design firm in Los Angeles, At A Glance Décor designers are well placed to be able to advise the owners [...]
The Hotel Redefined By Our Modern Interior Designers In Los
March 28, 2017
In 2017, your customer is expecting so much more from their stay in a hotel than they were even a few years ago. It is not that long ago that simply putting a bed, an [...]
Outdoor Living Part Two: Chillin’ And Reclining
March 21, 2017
The great thing about the Californian summer is that your backyard can be used as a room. In our previous blog, we talked about how you can transform your patio into a five-star dining experience [...]
Outdoor Living Part One – Dining Al Fresco
March 20, 2017
Now that spring is truly here, and the temperatures are beginning to rise, it is time to think about going outside. We don’t mean taking a hike, maybe more of a stroll and you [...]
Three Steps To Heaven: Ideas For The Staircase
March 15, 2017
Whether you want the traditional look of a wooden staircase, or something featuring glass, changing the look of the stairs in your house is probably going to be a once in a lifetime event, and [...]
Lighting Solutions For Your Stairs And Beyond
March 15, 2017
As one of the leading design firms in Los Angeles, we go into a lot of homes and we walk up a lot of stairs, and we notice that these are constantly the areas which [...]
Botoxing Your Box Room : How To Make The Small Beautiful
March 9, 2017
It’s small, it’s dusty, needs some love and could do with a little cleaning. No, it’s not your belly button, but your spare bedroom! Chances are, you have got a box room [...]
Making Your Kitchen Into A Living Space
March 4, 2017
Not that long ago, the kitchen was simply the place where food was prepared. Of course, this has not changed in the twenty-first century. But because it is the twenty-first century, we expect more from [...]