Upholstery Posts

Re-Upholstery - A Whole Lot Of Love For Your Memories
January 24, 2017
We’ve all got it. That much-loved piece of furniture turning to rust or dust, poking out from the corner of the room. We would like to make a show of it but … well… it’[...]
High End Residential Interior Design In Los Angeles
November 28, 2016
Design rules everything! It’s true. Look no further than your pocket if you don’t believe that it’s true. You might even be reading this on a mobile device. Mobile devices are a [...]
Upholstered Furniture
November 26, 2016
Upholstered furniture has been around since the 1700’s. It incorporates the use of plenty of cushions filled with foam and enclosed in either leather or fabric. The furniture’s frame can be wood on [...]
Interior Designed Space Should Be Something To Experience
November 23, 2016
A room is a work of art. An interior designed space should be something to experience. An empty space, like a blank canvas is exciting! You can develop a keen eye for the total picture [...]