Commercial Offices Window Treatment Options

January 17, 2017

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Choosing the right window treatment option for your commercial office can largely impact on the appearance of your property. Correct Window treatments improve the style of an office alongside insulation and privacy. With a proper knowledge of the influence of window coverings on your office, you will be in the right position to make the right selection.

Types of Window Treatments

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are just painted natural wood slats. These are a standard treatment because they complement several attractive styles and are easy to operate and construct too. Some good examples you’ll spot around you include light pine, bamboo, and stained ebony. The sizes of wood slats vary, and are offered depending on the level of control you desire, with regard to privacy and lighting. For a classy treatment, the best interior designers prefer to layer wood blinds with drapery or crown them with a valance.

Faux Wood Blinds

Just as the name suggests, Faux wood blinds are much similar to wood blinds but are not made of wood. They are less costly, nice-looking, and easy to maintain. This in essence means that they do not fade or tatter and simply require a fast swipe now and then for maintenance. Faux wood blinds are similar to wood blinds, but last longer and are less expensive. These blinds do not warp or fade hence are best suited for humid climates or rooms of high moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Shutters are dynamic in that, in addition to being functional and attractive window treatments, they enhance the value of your office. Shutters regulate incoming light, provide privacy when closed, and help to shield against, cold, heat, and sound. Shutters make rooms look more sophisticated.

Solar ShadesCommercial Offices Window Treatment Options-02

Solar shades are simply roller shades made with a screen material. If you wish to get the outdoors and natural light into your house and at the same time need to remove the glare and regulate the UV rays that pass through your windows, solar shades are a great way of accomplishing this. They filter the sun while still not compromising your outside view. The greatest offering with this window treatment is energy efficiency as it makes use of the natural resources (like the sun) thus reducing the energy bills.

Roller ShadesCommercial Offices Window Treatment Options-03

The idea behind roller shades is quite a simplistic one. When let down, the shade suspends flat near the window pane and when elevated, it rolls up onto a cylinder-shaped rod. Roller shades look great with a variety of fabrics like sheer fabric, blackout material, linen, alongside several different patterns. Thanks to modern Technology, it is now possible to print images, photos, or a design of your own on your roller shade for a more personal touch. Los Angeles interior design and others as well have pretty much embraced the printing bit as it sits well with clients across the board. For corporate companies particularly, having a business logo on their roller shades is business sense in terms of visibility and advertising. Roller shades are easy to use and a less costly window treatment option for those on a limited budget.

Traditional vs. modern day trends in window treatments.

Rooms wide open, spotless lines, and modernized furnishings all represent the Modern design style. Clutter is totally unacceptable in a modern office. Open rooms and designed shapes of basic curves, angles, and outlines, are quite dominant and go complement the above window treatments. In terms of furniture, designers prefer to keep to the minimum or the necessary. Necessary meaning offices can have furniture for functionality and aesthetics too. Some double up for both, for instance, most decorators would go for antique furniture when they want to achieve both functionality and beauty or value.

Some important basics of Modern interior décor:

Colors, furniture, and furnishings go a long way to complement the window treatment in any office, however, modern Los Angeles office designers have a way of using these with a bit of reservation to deliver the intended theme

Colors – Use of white as the dominating color, with black as second. Primary colors (blue, red, yellow) add portions of brightness but are sparingly used especially where a more serious work environment needs to be achieved.

Furnishings – stainless steel metal furniture dominates a Modern office, just as are white or black lacquered finishes and glass table tops. The fabric can be one solid color or matching color patterns but certainly not an overwhelming use of patterns.

Walls – most office owners have preferred plain white walls, nonetheless a single wall can be painted in a color to halt the white only theme.

Flooring – concrete, granite, and linoleum are common flooring options. Wood floors (Plain) or carpeting also do well. Some small number of area rugs in solitary colors or regular patterns can halt the plain look of the floor, but avoid the use of many oriental styles or anything classy.

Window Treatments – If you have to cover the Commercial Offices Window Treatment Options-04windows, use curtain panels or blinds that are plain, nothing frilly or patterned.


Looking down history lane, elegance was the main focus in Traditional interior décor. Consider the Early American or Old European touch with carved decorations that most interior decorators mastered for decoration of office spaces. At the most, they achieved a warm, comfortable feel but there was definitely more to the décor which is the gap that modern décor trends have filled.

Traditional interior décor basics included:

Colors – neutral colors, such as cream, ivory, and beige with pops of crimson, olive green, Wedgwood blue or chocolate brown.

Furnishings – styles consisted of Chippendale, Sheraton, and Queen Anne. Furnished pieces of wood had official solid, lines and floral patterns while soft cushions were used to give the furniture a comfy, lavish feel.

Walls – walls painted in ivory, cream or beige were dominant, but daring colors were also permitted to enhance a little of drama in a room.

Flooring – mostly used are wood floors with Oriental rugs and marble and slate floors.

Window Treatments – long curtains were quite the norm in the Traditional style, with weighty materials and standard tiebacks dominating the windows perhaps with more focus on privacy rather than décor.


The accurate window treatments offer the best function and style to space. Interior designers of LA and others consider the following factors as vital to selecting the right window treatment for any commercial space.

  1. Privacy and Light ControlCommercial Offices Window Treatment Options-05

Some rooms require more privacy and light control than others. Window treatments for hostels require styles like shades or drapes that cut out the light and offers you privacy when you need it. Generally, when choosing window coverings for commercial properties, it is significant to reflect on the privacy and light control needs of the space in order to select the appropriate style.

Aesthetic Appeal
Commercial Offices Window Treatment Options-06
Window treatments can also be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a space. For instance, if the color scheme you already have is best for you then you need to search for window coverings that supplement them. If your plan is to decorate the room around the window treatments, then you need to carefully choose the right style and texture. Therefore, you need the best interior designers input on how the window treatments will match the entire room’s color theme in order to come up with a cohesive décor.

  1. Window Size

The window size in your space can also determine what type of window treatments you require. If you need to cover some windows that are from floor-to-ceiling in a commercial space, you may have to decide on custom options that may fit your windows. If you want window treatments for a sliding glass door, you will most likely opt for window treatments such as vertical blinds which are easy to open and close thus offering you maximum functionality.