Common Drapery Styles

November 26, 2012

Drapes are window accessories that offer privacy when needed and permit the entry of light and air when required. Aside from these functional purposes, they lend style to a room whether it’s airy, casual or formal.

There are many styles of drapes to choose from depending on the look one’s going for and how much protection from light and heat is needed. Take a look at what the majority of homeowners prefer.

Pinch pleats

Pinch pleat drapes are distinguished by the -fold pleats concentrated on the header. They’re spaced out evenly to control the fullness and to give a neat and crisp appearance. They may also feature valance headers for extra style.

Goblet pleats

Goblet pleats differ from pinch pleats in that the stitching at the header begins from about four inches from the top. This creates a cup-shaped empty space at the top which can be left as is or filled with batting.

Box pleats

Box pleat drapes feature a symmetry that’s unmatched by the other styles. The pleats start from the top in a pressed box-like pattern that flows down evenly. Button details may be added.

Pencil pleats

Pencil pleats cinch drapes into tiny pleats at the header which flow down into larger pleats. The look created is one of femininity as the stitching is very precise and delicate.