Danish Designs By The Top Interior Designers In Los Anegeles

July 3, 2017

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Despite being a Scandinavian idea, Hygge is becoming a big trend amongst top interior designers in Los Angeles.

Hygge, meaning happiness or wellbeing, is a Norwegian word. The concept is embraced in Denmark and Scandinavia, as a whole and then further beyond as well.

This principle can be applied to all seasons, although usually finds its strength in the winter months. It summons up images of cozy winter comfort, but can also be adapted for hot California summers too!

Alternatively described as “coziness” or a vague feeling of “being together” the exact translation of Hygge eludes English speakers.

However, the concept of fresh, but homely, interior design translates perfectly well anywhere.

Here are our tips on how to achieve Hygge in your home!


We are looking for a combination of textures to improve the Hygge in your living areas. These would include but are not limited to things like;

Bean bags

Faux fur rugs

Sheepskin rugs

Chunky knitted designs

Soft textural accessories

Fluffy materials (ie cushions). Scatter cushions of all types are good as well.

A mix and match approach is definitely the way forward here, with nothing being ruled out by our designers.

It’s The Simple Life

Hygge is more about embracing the simple pleasures in life and less about big dressy sophistication.

It is running a herbal bath for relaxation, or being cozy around the fire.

Admittedly this might not be something to go a bundle on in June, but perhaps in the evenings could be employed – especially outdoors in the garden.

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Hygge Is About Personal Comfort

Think about your house clothes – are they comfy for relaxing on the couch?

If not, maybe it is time to think about getting some fluffy soft slippers and cashmere robes for relaxation.


Whichever is your favorite home scent – maybe roses or the smell of a strawberry tea, you can get a candle scent to say it.

We think nothing says home more than the scent of vanilla – conjuring up memories of home baking smells.

Home Crafts

Home crafting is very Hygge; from knitting, to designing other beautiful accessories.

But if you’re not artistically inclined, don’t worry!

The top interior designers in Los Angeles can help you out here, with some of their suggestions.

One service that our interior designers can offer is with reupholstering.

This could give a shot of new, soft and textural life, to an old and worn couch, for example.

Once re-covered, this could be your Hygge centerpiece and an extremely soft and cozy place to recline.

Other crafty suggestions include cushion covers, in different colors and accessories in differing shapes.

Mix it up with some geometric shapes, possibly as holders for your candles to go inside.

Other shapes could find themselves in mirrors and vases, for example.

Mixed Mediums

Mixing metal accents up with wood, can help enhance your sense of Hygge.

We think a round copper colored lamp shade over a sanded Scandinavian style table, provides the perfect note.

Less Is More

Hygge is not about conspicuous consumption, so there is no need to go over the top with any of the suggestions we make.

You don’t need to transform every square inch of space into a nest of soft textures. Just a few pieces thrown around, to emphasize comfort.

Theres No Hurry

We want to create a sense of relaxation and peace with our designs. So we are not about multi-tasking or trying to do a lot with each space.

When our talented interior designers come to style your rooms, it is that feeling of inner peace that they have come to nurture – not to fill it with lots of “stuff”.

Hygge is a blend of Scandinavian minimalism, with the soft, plush feeling of comfort.

Find The Sanctuary In Each Space

So our designers will be trying to find the inner sanctum of all spaces.

In some cases, that will mean hidden and flat storage – like putting all your shoes under the bed and not clogging up the room.

If that means us designing some clever storage solutions, maybe placing shelving for your books under the stairs, then we can help you with this.

Beige Walls

Walls should ideally be comforting neutral colors that don’t demand attention.

Grays or pale off white shades are good as are various versions of beige.

If you hang artwork, it helps if this is of a similar neutral nature.

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Hygge For All The Seasons

Although the concept of Hygge is based around the winter, the principle can still be applied to summer living too.

Hygge may be packing a picnic to take to the park or maybe just having in the garden, with a few friends.

Outdoor living is also a part of Hygge and in the summer, in California this could mean simply having a drinks cooler in the garden and a cozy, wicker chair to enjoy it on.

Remember all the points we have made about your living room and then think about applying them to your garden.

Think about the textures in your garden furniture.

To get the Danish feeling of Hygge, you might want to replace the solid plastic sun lounger, with a material which is a little softer.

Our top interior designers in Los Angeles can help you source, or even craft, plush pillows and coverings for your chairs, loungers and other exterior seating.

We will be looking at the same rich textures as the interiors, although with a few provisos made for withstanding the elements outside!

Just because you may be incorporating Hygge into your exteriors, as well interiors, doesn’t mean they can’t also be comfortable and softly furnished.

Fluffy cushions and soft textures to cool off with, are just as much part of Hygge, as the thick knit chunky designs to keep warm by.

Fire can still be an important element outdoors, both to warm up by, but to also act as a cozy centerpiece for you and your guests.

With help from our interior designers, we can help to identify the ideal Hygge fire pit for your yard, if you don’t already have one.

Garden lights and candles also add the cozy domestic touches outside, that they can do indoors.

We naturally will want a beautiful selection of summer flowers, regardless of whatever trend we are following. But to remember the principles of Hygge, we should also try and make these beautifully scented and if possible, with a nice texture.

Try and spare a thought for winter flowering plants, to allow some brightness in all year around, also.

Nothing says Hygge more to us than a relaxing garden swing, layered with a beautifully soft blanket.

If you don’t already have a hammock or swing, this may be one of the suggestions that our designers makes for you.

The spot you choose will ideally be not too hot in the sunshine, but not too cold in the shade.

Danish Designs By The Top Interior Designers In Los Anegeles-04Putting a hammock in a strong and supportive tree is an idea (make sure it is strong enough to bear your weight first though!)

Planting scented and beautiful plants nearby, enhances the pleasure of the nap you will take there.

Lavender is suggested for growing anywhere in your garden, but especially if it is close to where you are planning your hammock, day bed or swinging chair, as the scent is traditionally associated with relaxation and sleep.