Handy Tips to Rejuvenate a Room

June 24, 2013

Sometimes you want to change the appearance of a room but don’t want to go as far as redecorating it. There are some very simple and often inexpensive ways that this can be achieved. Below I will give you some favorites to think about if you want a change yourself

Window Coverings

Think about the walls of a room, what is the biggest feature of those walls? Generally it will be a window, and this is a perfect place to change if you want an impact on the room itself. You can change the look and color scheme of a room by simply changing a set of curtains, but why stop there. A plane window can be made into something totally different by adding blinds or a shade. You can buy decorative blinds of all shapes and colors, or you could try an unusual material to add that something different. If the window has curtains why not replace them too so that you have a total new look.


This is a very simple trick, and one you can do regularly. Cushion covers are not very expensive; in fact you can even buy new cushions at a reasonable price. The effect they can have on a room is far greater than their cost, and it is worth you experimenting with them. If you are buying cushion covers buy sets that are totally different from each other. Each time you change them you will have a new effect, and you can even mix and match them. Remember cushions don’t have to sit in the corners of your couch so experiment and spread the color around.


Simple and easy. Adding some plants to a room can give it a breath of fresh air, while also adding color. Flowering plants are probably best, but there are many beautiful evergreen plants  too. For the best effect remember to mix and match sizes and where the plants are located. Put some on table tops, have floor standing ones of different heights, and try to have a few above head height and trailing; the effect can be really awesome.

Pictures and ornaments

Over time most of the rooms in a house will acquire their share of pictures and ornaments, and this is a great way to alter not just one room but a few. You simply need to move the pictures and ornaments to different rooms, swapping the contents but not replacing one room’s contents with another. This is best done by putting all your moveable objects in a pile and redecorating each room in turn, until everything has been used. You will be amazed at the difference this can make to the whole house.

These tips will not make earth shattering changes to your home, though they will make it look fresh and different. They will not be expensive to do, or take a great deal of effort. They will however accomplish what they are meant to. That is, to have a new look instead of the jaded one that has become boring to you. I hope that if you use these tips they will make your rooms feel new and rejuvenated; they did mine