High End Residential Interior Design In Los Angeles

November 28, 2016

Design rules everything! It’s true. Look no further than your pocket if you don’t believe that it’s true. You might even be reading this on a mobile device. Mobile devices are a wonderful example of design and the concepts of form (what you might hear referred to as aesthetics) and function. If we put this much thought into something that we use mostly to view cat photos, why shouldn’t we put at least an equal amount of thought into the design of our living space? Good residential design can enhance the way we interact with our living space. Here in Los Angeles, we have the benefit of access to some of the best interior designers in the world that are skilled in traditional interior design and contemporary home interior design.  Starting with one of the top interior designers in Los Angeles is a good place to begin.

It’s in the details

residential interior design Los AngelesThere is a whole school of thought devoted to how form interacts with function in our daily lives. Ever walked up to a door and pulled—only to have remained shut? Those doors have a name. They’re called Norman Doors. You pulled when you should have pushed because you expected the door to function in a certain way. What about when you continually stub your toe on a chair at home?  Eventually, you may get around to moving it. But, it’s much better if residential interior design Los Angeles is undertaken with a plan. What about if you finally get around to throwing a party only to realize that you don’t have enough seating space. Engaging a residential interior designer that can generate recommendations for the functional and aesthetic potential of the space will ease the design process right down to monitoring and managing construction and installation of design.  Looking at the details first will make your design specific to you and your purposes.

Some things to get detailed with:

  • Outdoor Furniture patio chairs, tables, fire pits and more
  • Seating sofas and chairs, including reupholstery. that old chair won’t look so old in a new covering. Upholstered furniture in general can bring an interesting mix of old and new to a space
  • Window Treatments shades, shutters, draperies
  • Tables occasional, accent and dining tables
  • Lighting color, location and type
  • Furniture Will you buy? If so, from where? Boutiques? Consignment?  Or casegoods (all non-upholstered furniture)
  • Then, there is the option of Custom Furniture. Well, custom everything actually. Custom Closets, Custom Cabinetry, and Custom Closets

Plan, plan and then, plan again

plan and thenAs you can see, for traditional interior design and contemporary home interior design, the plan starts by looking at the details. The process of selecting and specifying fixtures, furnishings, products, materials and colors and even designing lighting and specifying usage will pay off better if a plan is in place.  A good designer may start by offering services to help establish the project goals and objectives. From there, they will offer illustrations and renderings or maybe even develop documents and specifications relative to interior spaces. Planning ahead is crucial when purchasing products and fixtures that take time to be delivered. In the chance that you can’t find what you’re looking for and custom furniture is in order, designing and managing fabrication of custom furnishings and interior details is part of the core responsibilities of a good interior designer.

Form and function, in harmony

Take your phone for an example again. Not many people remember the old cellular phones. The phones of today look so different. It’s an example of good design, form informing function. Here in Los Angeles, one of the ways that things have changed recently is how people design their outdoor living space. With the shortage of water, many folks have returned to hardy, drought resistant plants that simply stunning in this setting. Indoors, the process of allocating, organizing and arranging a space to suit its function has the same effect. The kitchen for a young couple seeking contemporary home interior design that loves to entertain will vary considerably for that of a family of five that prioritizes space and storage over everything else. There’s no rule that says that both spaces can’t be aesthetically stunning. It’s all about striking the right balance.

Get inspired

hotel room vancouver british columbia canadaThere are many design firms in Los Angeles, some that even have international interior decorators as a part of their team. That can make it hard to choose when you have some of the best in the world from which to choose. It helps to know your budget and a timeline before you begin. However, if you are in the very early stages of your design, it might be helpful seek out some inspiration.

From your city. Los Angeles is an inspiring place in and of itself. It’s been a city of dreamers many years and it will continue being so. You may take inspiration from the beautiful, dusky purple of the sky at sunset or even the solemn, quiet brown of the peaks that surround us.

From the people here. Los Angeles is the place where people go to find themselves or at least create themselves. For the artists in downtown dressed in all black to the glitzy streets of Rodeo Drive. There is a multitude to draw on. Bringing a little bit of Hollywood glamour into your design can be a simple as introducing a mirrored chest or it might be as decadent as lacquered walls. A sparse quiet aesthetic might see your room in all white.  There is much that can be considered.

From media. Blogs, including this one ran by A Touch of Decor, and others by interior designers can be a good starting point for design. You’ll start to understand what your options are for interior design in LA. Instagram is a great place lately, as well as Tumblr, for coming across new ideas that people are trying in their home design. Magazines are a good resource. We’re talking about LA, though…so movies, with their focus on characterization—even through interior design—are an eternal wellspring of ideas. Just look at Breakfast at Tiffany’s or any of the James Bond movies.

Los Angeles interior design is unique. There is so much to draw upon, the landscape, the people and of course, Hollywood. The best interior designers in Los Angeles will approach your project with your specific vision, budget, and time constraints in mind. Good contemporary home interior design is within reach as well as more traditional looks. It’s all about finding the right firm of Los Angeles interior decorators. Just remember that it’s about balance between form and function.  With this approach, your home will look the epitome of model home interior design in no time, although with your own special touch.