Interior Designed Space Should Be Something To Experience

November 23, 2016

A room is a work of art. An interior designed space should be something to experience. An empty space, like a blank canvas is exciting!

You can develop a keen eye for the total picture by looking at it like a fine painting. Here are some examples on developing an eye for a beautiful work of art. Any style, albeit Asian, Contemporary, Art Deco, Country, Eclectic, English country, French, etc… Build your environment with confidence and creativity.


Asian Chaise is the centerpiece, as the dark brown draped curtains seem to put it on display. The experience is an exotic feel of royalty. It’s framed like a classic painting by the gold trimmed Ionic columns. The gold color repeats the theme of riches in the varied color value of the gold ornate dressing mirror and gold chandelier. Together the room reflects a Dynasty to be rediscovered from a paradise lost.

placement-is-everythingPlacement is everything. This 1930’s style sofa/settee appears to opens its curved arms. The draped curtains hang from floor to ceiling with the royal gold full tassel ties hold them in place to display the curved back wall which adds depth to the triptych styled windows dressed with Roman shades. The sofa is center stage and ready for action!

Window treatments are as important as the windows they dress. The fanned arched window design over the double hung – trio of windows dressed from floor to ceiling. The plant printed wallpaper brings the consistency of the patterns of the live trees outside. The lavender colored fabric reflects a peacefulness of warmth and comfort. Remember the outside should carry the eye as if the room extended as far as the eye can see.

this-is-traditional-eleganceThis is Traditional Interior Design. (Furnishing are usually 18th century English, 19th century neoclassic, French country and British Colonial revival.) The Corinthian style columns and the design of the room are stately. The furniture is ornate and repeats the theme of the Corinthian style. What is magical is the soft color scheme and fabrics used to keep it as simple as a whisper. When your eyes reach the vaulted ceiling the Deco styled crystal chandelier becomes a sturdy compass as it cascades to a fine point of delicate extravagance. Breathtaking.


Plants really add an outdoor feel and open this room up. The mirrored topped coffee table reflects the striped curtains. Notice the sofa’s arms balancing the outer floor lamps. The small cactus shaped pillows add texture and repeat the color scheme. This is a good example of an Eclectic style.

a-cream-print-carpetA cream print carpet, a cherry wood table bass with modern glass top, a modern sectional with Asian influence lift the eyes to the Bold RED Color and silky texture. The photos placed on the wall make their own skyline. The finished red print and cream lined window treatments hold the experience until eyes reach the top. The room is exquisite and full of life. It speaks “Let’s paint the town red!”

Design your home as a work of art that reflects the real you inside.