Japanese Bathrooms In Modern House Interior Design

June 13, 2017

Japanese Bathrooms In Modern House Interior Design-01

If you know anything about modern house interior design at all, you will know that the concept of a Japanese inspired bathroom will conjure up an image of tranquility and calm, more than anything else.

Of course, all bathrooms are about quiet, to a certain extent, but in Japan it is a bit more than that. It is the whole raison d’etre.

On top of getting clean as well!

You might be thinking that your bathroom is too small for a Japanese inspired design– but you might be surprised at what can be done, in even a fairly small bathroom.

One more word of advice, in general, a toilet would not be a part of the traditional Japanese bathroom scenario. So as much as is possible, we would be looking to separate out the toilet unit from the bathroom.

If it is not practical, our designers are well versed in making them appear as separate as possible, with the use of screens and so on.

Minimalism For The Smaller Bathroom

One of the abiding principles of Japanese interior design is minimalism and the bathroom is no exception.

So, if your bathroom is slightly meager in floor space, take heart. It might be possible to transform your cramped Western bathroom into a tranquil Japanese style one.

Remember, Tokyo is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, so incredibly small homes are the norm there. If they can manage to inject some Feng Shui into their bathrooms, then there’s a good chance that you could do it too!

Ideally, we know that any Japanese bathroom worth its salt has to have at its center a soaking tub. But that does not always have to be a disproportionately large one.

Glass and mirrors can be used, as ever, by our talented interior designers, to enhance the effect of spaciousness, even in a bathroom suffering from a serious lack of it!

It is more about making the most of what is available.

Even if your bathroom is tiny, as long as we can put a diminutive tub in there somewhere, then the job is good to go.

Additionally, we can also style your shower room in a Japanese theme.

This could be done by using materials such as bamboo in the design.

A bamboo soaking tub may be enough to give your small bath chamber that taste of the orient.

If we are looking at a shower room, there is still a lot that can be done with space. For example, the flooring.


Flooring in a Japanese bathroom might be wooden or stone effect.

We think that actually, you might be able to conversely do more in the smaller space, because if cost is a factor, you are going to be using less of everything.

So, for the more modest bathrooms – our modern house interior design experts might suggest a beautiful pebble effect for the flooring, for example.

This immediately brings elements of nature straight into your bathroom – which is essential within Japanese design.

Incorporating nature even in to the smallest bathroom can be done with relative ease – a single orchid in a vase or a bonsai tree on the ledge for example.

Remember, less is more in your Japanese themed bathroom.

We will be looking to eliminate all traces of clutter from the space. This means clever storage solutions need to be found for your toiletries.

Our interior designers will be able to help with that, from hidden storage in units and paneling around the room.

Japanese Bathrooms In Modern House Interior Design-02Spacious Living For The Larger Area

If you are blessed with a larger space, this can of course be put to good use in a Japanese inspired design.

But, as we have already stated, less is more in Japanese design. So it is entirely possible that your larger space will not actually contain an awful lot more than the smaller unit will do. Or at the very least, our talented designers will certainly give the impression of there being very little difference between them!

Arguably, the most important feature of any bathroom is the bath and the Japanese themed bathroom is no exception.

The Soaking Tub

A soaking tub is essential for your space to work properly.

As well as designing, sourcing and installing the ideal Japanese soaking tub – whether an angular oblong feature or one made from curved wood – it is worth knowing a little about the principal of the soaking tub.

The tub is meant entirely for clean and pure soaking in. Traditionally, you clean yourself before you so much as poke your big toe into it.

For this reason, you will want to be looking at a stand-alone shower unit within your Japanese bathroom.

If this is not practical, for space or any other reasons, then consider a wash bowl. You would have one anyway, but a larger bowl or sink for full and proper washing at would be in fitting with any Japanese designed bathroom.

We feel a beautiful marbled round soaking tub can be complimented perfectly with a matching marbled wash bowl.

The Materials

It almost goes without saying that the materials in any Japanese effect bathroom should be those of nature.

We do not want any plastic units in there at all. Our designers will be looking to materials such as wood and stone, initially.

The Windows

The impression should be in keeping with all that is natural. We want to maximize natural light as much as possible and this will mean cutting back on window dressings.

Yes, we know that privacy will always be a concern in any bathroom – but our designers might suggest frosted glass or maybe shutters in order to facilitate this.

As much as possible, we want to allow for the light to flow unimpeded into your space.

Should a complete window covering be necessary, to block out the light in its entirety, our designers may pick a bamboo blind, or something which will immediately fall into place with your Japanese design.


A wooden bath makes a charmingly simple addition to any bathroom and can really work wonders with a Japanese inspired design.

We would possibly try and remember the principal of centering within Japanese design and think about bringing the standalone bath into the center of your bathroom, for maximum effect.

As for the flooring, this can also be natural wood.

Whichever material you pick – we think it is a good idea to go with that theme and keep it.


Japanese Bathrooms In Modern House Interior Design-03

Whether it is pebble stone, marble, granite or some other type of stone, we believe a stone design can make a Japanese themed design.

This will bring a cool gravitas to any soaking tub or wash bowl. But it also is an ideal flooring solution as well.


Glass can be used to make particularly smaller bathrooms appear larger, as glass opaque screens are great ways of allowing the light to flow through the space, whilst maintaining their functional use.

If you want to keep with tradition, then we could incorporate the use of a Shoji screen in there as well.

These will allow light through, whilst maintaining privacy.


Of course, bamboo is an element that our modern house interior design team will be hoping to bring to your bathroom.

Fortunately, this is quite easy. Whether as an accessory, maybe as a mat or part of the window arrangement, any addition of bamboo will help bring both nature to your room as well as a sense of Japan.

The Finishing Touches

Despite its love of minimalism, we will not want to leave your Japanese inspired bathroom as some sort of brutalist void.

In particular, the use of nature is paramount to any Japanese rest room.

It is completely possible for our designers to marry a modern house interior design with traditional Japanese principals.

We will be looking at ways of bringing in green leaves, branches, bonsai trees and leafy pot plants into the bathroom as much as possible, to help enhance the sense of tranquility and calm.