Spanish Themes In Contemporary Home Interior Design

June 9, 2017

Spanish Themes In Contemporary Home Interior Design-01

The use of Spanish themes in contemporary home interior design is enduringly popular and never more so than in Californian homes.

Like everything, there is a sliding scale to base your design around.

Whether you want to utilize just one or two elements into your house design or go the whole hog and transform everything, is up to you.

If you choose to stray towards Mexican influences or stay with a traditional Spanish look is also up to you. Naturally, the two may be mixed with ease.

Spanish Themes In Contemporary Home Interior Design-02Then there is the difference between old style traditional Spanish interior design and the more modern, contemporary look.

As contemporary home interior design experts in California, we of course see both and although perhaps the more modernist looks are the ones which are the most popular in general.

However, it is your home, your style and your look. Our designers are creative as well as professional and love the chance to get their teeth stuck into something a bit different!

Wrought Iron

The use of iron is incredibly popular in Spanish designs.

From chandeliers to candelabras, iron is always a feature in traditional as well as contemporary home interior design.

If the full effect of a wrought iron chandelier seems a little too much for your comedor to take, then there are other options.

Wrought iron might be worked into a lighter arrangement such as a candlestick or perhaps utilized as a curtain rod with a decorative end finial.

There are always ways of bringing more wrought iron into a room, should you want to go for the maximum effect.

In a bedroom, it may be easy to increase the use of wrought iron simply by changing your bedstead and headboard.

Then there are the endless possibilities of use within lightshades and lamps.

Wrought iron is not a difficult element to incorporate into any elegant home design arrangement.

Other uses may include a fireguard or door knobs and other accessories.

Spanish Themes In Contemporary Home Interior Design-03Chandeliers

As we have mentioned, a chandelier immediately adds a Spanish touch to any room. To make it as in keeping with tradition as possible, this should be fashioned from wrought iron and can be highly decorative,

Curved Doorways

Curved doorways are typically Spanish and our interior designers can talk you through the range of options available to you, should you want to change the doors into or within your property.

Use Of Tiles

Tiles of many descriptions are used in Spanish themed interior design.

There is the Islamic influence or the bold colors of the Mexican look.

Spanish Themes In Contemporary Home Interior Design-04Talavera tiles add an authentic touch to any room, even ones which aren’t following an especially Mexican or Spanish theme.

Whatever color you need to tie in with and whichever room you are planning on decorating, you would be surprised about how the use of Spanish themed tiles can bring a whole new edge to it.

You may already have some tiling in the room that you are hoping to transform. It may not be necessary to remove completely the old arrangement simply to incorporate a Spanish accent to it.

A decorative edging may be all that is required to turn a plain, white wall into something more decorative and reminiscent of contemporary Spain.

The Palette

Earthy tones are of the essence in Spanish influenced design.

This may be warmer shades of brown and burnt oranges.

However, if you want something a shade cooler, literally, then of course white is the go to color for many Spanish and Mediterranean themed designs.

White washed walls are a common feature in contemporary Spanish home interior design. But if you want to go a shade warmer, then various yellow tones are also popular – particularly mustard.

Religious Elements

The religious elements that may be incorporated within your Spanish themed design may come either from Islamic or Christian influences.

Christian influences may be designs such as a crown shaped mosquito net or actual paintings built into the overall wall design. It all depends how far you want to go.


Walls in Spain and Mediterranean design feature stucco textures and a painted finish of multi strokes, combining both the use of sponges and brush strokes together.

Although many walls painted in the Spanish and Mediterranean style are white, not all of them have to be.

Yellow is a very typical color for Spanish themed rooms to be painted. Usually, the shade will be a warm mustard shade.

Other popular choices include rich oranges and reds. Chocolate brown, deep blues and reds can also be used in Mediterranean and Spanish themed designs.

The colors used in Spanish design and decoration are usually very earthy and natural and combined with the dark woods and heavy wrought iron, produces a dramatic look.


Spanish Themes In Contemporary Home Interior Design-05

Like modern day American interior design, carpets are not a hugely popular choice in Spanish interior design.

This does not mean that they will not be employed at all, just that their use may be muted.

Flooring will most likely be a hardwood, probably darker in color than some of the lighter shades which continue to be fashionable in mainstream contemporary home interior design.

If you think that a dark wood flooring may drain the light out of your room, there are other options. Tiles are another possibility, maybe in terracotta or slate may be used as flooring.


The use of rugs can accentuate your Spanish design as well as, of course, make your room more cozy and improving the soundproofing.

A large area rug may be just the ticket for your room, regardless of whether it is hardwood or tiled.

If bringing light to an otherwise dark space is your priority, then our designers can source some of the most beautiful and authentic Spanish style rugs.

These are usually the lighter colored rugs, in becoming hues of blues, beiges and soft greens and of course yellows.


Spanish Themes In Contemporary Home Interior Design-06

Ceilings in Spanish interior design frequently feature heavy traditional style wooden beams.

Wooden ceilings are another option as are the traditional Mexican/Spanish style boveda ceiling.


Windows are typically wooden framed and may be a darker wood, to complement the wooden beams or wooden ceilings.


Spanish Themes In Contemporary Home Interior Design-07

As mentioned, wrought iron is a popular material for Spanish themed accents to be made from.

But this is not all.

The use of earthy looking clays and traditional effect pottery pieces can also help achieve an overall Spanish effect.

Maybe just the addition of a couple of stunning looking vases or other pottery pieces may be all that it takes for your bland living space to be transformed into a cozy salón

The use of religious iconography may not be for everyone – but if this is the path you want to go down then we can facilitate that.

Spanish Themes In Contemporary Home Interior Design-08Furniture

The use of heavy leather may be a feature you use choose to adopt for your couches and other seating arrangements.

Dark wood benches add an authentic Spanish element to any room. These can be handmade or individually sourced for you by our experienced interior designers.

The dark colored wood also complements those wooden archways and any other wooden paneling you may have decided to put in that room.

The types of wood which our contemporary home interior design team would be looking to use are rosewoods, teaks, mahoganies and ebony.