Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season

February 21, 2017

Size Matters… But It’s All Relative

Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-01

When looking at styling your living room, fresh and ready for the spring as design firms in Los Angeles, we know that there is much more to it than clutching a photo of a pretty center-spread in a slick style magazine and hoping it somehow comes into life.

There is the small issue of it actually being a room that is intended for living in.

A lot here depends on the size of your room and the overall size of your whole living space.

Most modern houses and apartments will often only have one main living space and in some smaller ones, it will actually have to combine with the kitchen area as well.

All these things will be of important consideration to our residential interior designers. The first thing they will do is speak with you and decide exactly what you want to use this room for.

It is all very well us suggesting beautiful glass doors and flawless white furniture, but if you are the owner of a large and muddy dog, who regularly leaps onto the couch, then we may think again.

Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-04Likewise, if this is a busy family space, with little children living in it, then we may rethink our plans to use fragile glass table lamps and other precarious pieces.

Ultimately, this is your space and it needs to work for you.

If you are lucky enough to have a separate reception room to entertain in, then we can look at having some occasional furniture which looks exquisite, but may not need as much hardwearing use as the day to day pieces that you will be actually sitting on.

Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-05If you need a place to take a nap as well as sit, we can make sure that is a priority when we come to making our plans. Sofas that are great for sitting on are not always the ones which make the best beds … but we know which ones are!

It actually does not matter what the size of your dwelling, or what you want to do with it. We can make your living room sing with springtime sun and zing… but we just need to know whether it is going to be doubling up as a study, a daytime snooze station or a crafting room. (Or even all three!)

Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-06This will help us get the right lighting or the right window treatment, to block out all daylight whenever it is required.


Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-07Whether you favor blinds or shutters for your living room, which can instantly blot out the sun’s rays, or still opt for the more traditional look of drapes, we can make sure it looks both glorious in the sunlight and subdued in the evenings.

All our window treatments are made with you and your needs in mind and many of them can be remotely controlled by the simple push of a button.

If you like, you can even combine blinds with a drape, to have a layered look.

Whichever you opt for, our modern interior designers can make it look fresh for the season and easy to fit in with your existing color scheme.

ADD TEXTUREStepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-10

This makes it cozy and it might only be a throw or a cushion cover which needs changing in order to achieve this.

As one of the leading design firms operating in Los Angeles, we see a lot of rooms and apartments that are meant to be sleek and modern, but can end up seeming a little impersonal. Fortunately, this can be easily rectified by relatively small touches.

All it might take to change your living room from monotonous to a refreshing place to relax could be the velvety texture of a curtain sash, or maybe a change of lampshade.

As human beings, we want something that is soft or stimulating to the touch. Interior design is not all about the eyes. It is also about the feel of the fabric in your fingers, the softness of the cushion beneath your lap and the tread of the carpet under your feet.

Also, these things can be regularly changed about or updated to create a new mood or look, whenever the occasion or maybe your mood requires it.

Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-11For this season, though, we want to celebrate the freshness of spring powering through the gloom of the winter months, so colors and themes in attractive yellow colors and fresh greens may be used.
Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-13Don’t worry, the last thing it will be is garish, as our interior designers in LA can make all these changes with just tiny dots of color.


Styling a modern looking, minimalist apartment does not have to mean having no features or personality. Our top interior designers in Los Angeles can advise exactly which feature this may be.

In some cases, it may be a stand out rug, that can add all the home touches and dashes of color that a room needs. We would then work to try and make sure the rest of the room doesn’t upstage it and fits in with the color scheme in a way which is complementary to it.
Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-14

As some of the best interior designers in Los Angeles, we know a thing or two about the best way to work your existing room and its furniture in around any changes that you might want to make.

Our modern interior designers know that it is unlikely that you are going to want to bin everything and start from scratch – although if you do then they can definitely design a room from ground zero. However, if you are planning on keeping the majority of your furnishings, then we take care of that as well.

Sometimes our clients worry, because they are planning a bold change in their room and want to make object A work with the rather incongruous object B, which, on a casual glance, seems as if it will not fit.

Often, these clients will be pleasantly surprised by our residential interior designers in Los Angeles, because they will be able to combine the two things. Yes, there are times when some items simply will not work together, but more often than not, if you really want something in there, then a compromise can be reached.

It might be that something else has to be moved out of the way or altered in order to achieve it, but usually something can be done.

We are highly experienced and trained modern interior designers and if all it takes is to change the exterior of a piece of furniture, in order to make it fit, then we can do that.

Some furniture has sentimental value or has been in the family a long time. You might not want to discard great aunt Mabel’s chaise longue, just because some upstart on a style magazine has told you to. But our team of experts could re upholster that piece and make it fit with the style you are seeking.

Renovating existing pieces of furniture is all part of the service that we offer and there are many ways to refresh an old sofa or armchair, in order to fit in with a minimal and sleekly designed

modern living space.

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Stepping Into Spring – Styling The Lounge This Season-16

Getting your living room ready for spring, may seem like a daunting task, but it does not need to be.

At A Glance Décor wants your major changes to be ones that will be long lasting and stand the test of time, but we can still bring short term, seasonal benefits by the application of a few clever twists and accessories.