Take On Three Of The Greatest Kitchen Styles Of Europe!

August 12, 2017

Top Interior Designers Of Los Angeles Take On Three Of The Greatest Kitchen Styles Of Europe!

Take On Three Of The Greatest Kitchen Styles Of Europe-01


It is more than likely that your home already incorporates elements of Scandinavian design into it already and nowhere is that more likely to be the case than in the kitchen.

As top interior designers of Los Angeles, we have styled more kitchens with a Scandinavian bent than you have had smorgasbord.

Here are the basics that you need to know about the look;

White Minimalism

The principal of minimalism and the favoring of the color white has become such a staple of kitchen design, that it is easy to forget that it has its origins in Scandinavia.

Born from the necessity of dark days, short hours of daylight and wanting to banish gloom from the interior of the home, white has become a popular interior for the whole home, not just the kitchen.

The good thing about this look is that it works just as well in diminishing the dark days of winter, as much as it does embracing the sunshine and hot weather.

Tidy Lines

The next major idea that American design has borrowed from Scandinavia are the neat, clean lines of this look.

We will be looking to eliminate clutter, chintz and unnecessary frills, when we streamline your kitchen into its clearer, cooler Scandinavian style.

Hints Of Color

Of course, white is not the whole story. Dots of warmth and color do exist within Scandinavian design as does the concept of warmth and coziness.

Let’s not forget about the principle of hygge. This means remembering the textural elements – this is the softness of the cushion on the bare wooden kitchen chair, or the warmth of a woolen throw, slung over a tea chest.

It is the small details that make the cold, clean design find its heart.


There are two main looks within French kitchens, the all modern café culture of a chic Parisian kitchen and the traditional look of a classic French country kitchen.

Both have their undeniable charms and you may want to mix and match between these styles or pick one wholesale to recreate.

Parisian Café Lights

One thing we have really noticed is how the smartest Parisian apartments like their low hanging, ultra-stylish and modern style café lights. These are usually arranged above the Kitchen Island or table and maybe number three or four along in a straight beam.

Café Curtains

Coming from the more decorative camp of French design, let’s not forget the effect that a pretty little café curtain could have on your sweet rustic design.

French Doors

French doors are of course, French. If you are lucky enough to have French style doors to your kitchen or diner, then now is the time to make the most of them.


Even if you don’t have French doors, the simple addition of rustic looking shutters can help to enhance the Mediterranean feel of your French kitchen.

Fewer Gadgets Than The American Kitchen

By and large, the traditional French country kitchen will have fewer gadgets than the electronically obsessed North American. This means making a coffee on the stove, by hand.


Retro or traditionally patterned tiles can help add that je ne sais quoi to your French inspired kitchen.

Earthy Colors

Mustard yellows and earthy reds. And plenty of use of brown shades. These colors reflect the countryside around the home.

Take On Three Of The Greatest Kitchen Styles Of Europe-02Fussier Patterns And Motifs

The French style favors more intricate patterns and motifs than does its English counterpart.

You will also see animals worked more into a traditional French design.

Perhaps the marbled granite floors of the chic upper crust Parisian apartment might seem a little grandiose – in fact even though it is in another era and another style, we can picture Marie Antionette herself approving of this look.

The lighting for this regal look is also suitably lavish, with golden colored cabinets and heavy black and gold pendant style lights.

But not all that is modern in French kitchen style has to be so heavy set or luxurious.

There is a gentle feminine look that prevails within some of even the chicest, most modern designs. These manage to convey an elegance as well as a simplicity as well and they don’t have to cost a fortune to recreate either “French Rustic”.

Take On Three Of The Greatest Kitchen Styles Of Europe-03

With its rustic, yet modern inspired wooden chairs and clean white lines, this twist on the traditional style could be the compromise that you are looking for between the heavier and more old-fashioned look and the newer, purer one.

We feel a monochrome color scheme can work wonders in your modern inspired French kitchen. Our top interior designers of Los Angeles could recommend a monochrome retro patterned floor tile design, to set the tone for the largely white and black room.

To offset it perhaps you could add a quirky squirt of color – maybe around the accessories – a jaunty yellow or bright green perhaps.

Despite the monochrome, we shouldn’t forget to keep some of the natural wood of the kitchen units showing through and perhaps, in the retro but still funky wooden kitchen chairs.

English Rustic

Take On Three Of The Greatest Kitchen Styles Of Europe-04

Finally, we come to the simple beauty of an English country kitchen.

Here, sometimes we find people getting a little confused between the French rustic design and the English rustic look.

If the difference is eluding you, here are some of our tips.

English Rustic Favors Simplicity

The English country kitchen prefers a less fussier design than its gallic counterpart. This means fewer heavy colors and more delicate hues.

Pastel shades are more to be found in the traditional English kitchen and floral designs will be less heavy and a lot lighter.

An Emphasis On Good Living

Whereas the French style puts elegance at its heart, at all costs, the traditional English country kitchen has family and life, at its’.

Perhaps it does not matter so much if there is a scuff mark on some of the wooden surfaces. The lived in look is fine for an English rustic kitchen and will add to its appeal.

Nature Untamed

Both the English and French traditional styles depict nature – but the French motifs may be a little more stiffly formal.

With an English design, we will see a more untamed rose or flowery pattern.

And whereas animal designs are popular in both styles, the English are more likely to favor scenes of hunting and dogs than of pastoral farmyard animals.

It Is Primarily A Working Kitchen

Although it may not seem like it, functionality is at the heart of the English country kitchen.

It will truly be the hearth and heart of the home, keeping the winter fires burning and the home warm.

These are not opulent or extravagant designs, more timeless styles which look like they have been passed down from generation to generation.

When we look to style your English country kitchen, our top interior designers in Los Angeles will be thinking primarily of quality.

It needs to be built to last and take the wear and tear that a heavy and hectic family life can throw at it.

For this reason, we will be looking for hard wearing and more expensive materials, which will stay the distance.

And remember that this room is mainly about the people inside it and is not for display purposes only!