Traditional Interior Design For Your Country Cottage This Summer!

August 14, 2017

Traditional Interior Design For Your Country Cottage This Summer-01

Summer Window Treatments

It may surprise you to learn that the window treatments in your summer country cottage do not have to be chintzy and floral – unless you really want them to be of course!

Whereas traditional interior design is to be embraced – in small doses – for this look, it is also possible to give your cottage a more contemporary feel.

The main issue is about letting enough light into the room, but in a gentle and airy way. For this reason, even modern arrangements like bamboo blinds can work wonders – especially when they are joined with a pretty organza paneling, which sway beautifully in the breeze.Traditional Interior Design For Your Country Cottage This Summer-02

Similarly, shutters and blinds can let the sunlight shine in and bring the elegant simplicity needed to make any country style work.

Floral Accessories To Be Pared Down

You don’t need large and impressive bouquets of neatly trimmed flowers in your summer country cottage look. Just a single bunch of lilac from the garden will add the necessary notes – and fragrance – to your rooms.

Shabby Chic

The quintessential English Country Cottage is the natural home of shabby chic. To achieve this look, items of wooden furniture may be painted roughly in light or bright colors, to fit in with your color scheme. These can be sanded down, to leave the look slightly roughly hewn.

The Floors

Once again, simplicity is the key to the flooring in your summer style country cottage. For this reason -and also wanting to preserve the airiness – we would recommend a natural hardwood flooring.

This can be dressed up with simple rugs when it gets colder, or if you feel like that room needs the comfort levels boosting, but it does mean that the rooms can also be left bare when the heat is really on!

Think About Utilizing Off Cuts

When planning the textural elements of your summer cottage retreat, cost does not need to be a factor for the savvy shopper.

Perhaps you can’t afford the deluxe five-star vintage designs in shops – but if you keep your eyes open in second hand shops and flea markets, you can pick up bargains of things which may be slightly worn or damaged, but that can be cut down to size for the purpose that you need.

This is a great way to find materials for cushion covers, smaller throws and other bits and pieces for the bedroom, or living room.


Beaded Wallpaper And Other Textural Wallpapers

A country cottage is one place where wallpaper is definitely acceptable.

Textural wallpaper, like beaded effects, may look particularly charming.

Decorative mirrors can also make an interesting addition to the space.

Just remember to keep the color schemes light and airy at all times.

There’s no such thing as a gloomy country cottage – or, at least there shouldn’t be!

Traditional Interior Design For Your Country Cottage This Summer-04Lattices

A decorative lattice panel can add a quaint and country look to any wall. Immediately providing a textural feel to any simple or plain wall and boosting its prettiness.

And remember, in a country cottage style, we value the pretty over the sophisticated!

The Personal Touch

When you are planning the accessories in your country home retreat, focus on what matters to you the most and not what you think will impress your guests.

This means things like family photos, displayed in pretty frames. Maybe this is not the time to stretch the portraits all over the available walls in an unframed canvas, as would be popular in other homes – but to dot smaller pictures around on surfaces, in decorative and stylish frames.

Another idea are things like simple collections of natural items, such as sea shells, maybe left out loose – as ornaments – or even glued onto the walls and ceilings. These may work especially well in the bathroom and even more so, if you have a sloping ceiling to stick them onto.

If seashells aren’t your thing, then find something that is. Your wall displays and accessories should say something about you and your interests. If that is fishing, for example, then you could display paintings or figures of fish.

Maybe consider the locality to where you live or the region where your country cottage is. If there is a famous local vista or landscape, find some way of incorporating that into your home – whether it is in paintings or prints, or in some other design.

The Dining Area

In your country cottage look, if you are lucky enough to have a dining room, then this is not the time or the place to start knocking down the interior walls and blending it into the living room.

Don’t get us wrong – if it already is a kitchen diner, then this is just as good – but if you already have a separate dining room, then we think this should be respected.

The look you should be plumping for in your simple country cottage is casual dining.

This does not preclude elegance, it just doesn’t need to come with a polished edge.

For example, a formal table candelabra or even a chandelier is fine in the dining area. And as are simple, yet traditional style wooden dining chairs and a plain, but charming wooden table.

A country style dining room is one place where you can perhaps get away with the frilly a little more than maybe you might want to at home in your suburban apartment. For this reason, white lacy table cloths and crocheted detail can be employed to great effect.

But the table can also be left bare as well, depending on your style and the time of day etc.

Remember, just because this is a dining room, doesn’t mean that it might not double up for some other activity. We just need to remember that it is also there for casual, yet elegant country dining.

The Kitchen

For a truly country style cottage kitchen, we could suggest a more traditional interior design. This might be solid wooden kitchen units, that have stood the test of time. They don’t need to be shining, or even new. Just of good quality and functional.

A heavy oak or mahogany dresser displaying beautiful and traditional style tea services (bone china roses) are an excellent pointer.

Simplicity Is The Key To The Cottage Look

Again, it doesn’t have to be formal or sophisticated – something simple and rustic will look the business in any country cottage kitchen.

And as for the appliances? Well, we know that perhaps you will not have quite the same amount of space to play with as you may do at home.

But if you do, then a full sized range is in order. However if your kitchen area is smaller, never despair. You might want to shy away from the shinier, newer looking appliances, but there is no need to go over the top.

After all, this is your home from home and you are entitled to want all your home comforts in there!

The juxtaposing of the new and the old is at the heart of traditional interior design in a country cottage– and this is not just confined to the kitchen!

Just remember, the key to the country cottage look is simplicity itself!

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