Turning Over A Green Leaf

June 4, 2013

Being eco-friendly or going green is the new age mantra which home owners, interior decorators and architects are following. Every individual should do their bit to preserve the ecology to make this world not only a better place but a healthier one to live in.

Eco-friendly encounter

The best place to start small is in the home by using fabric and upholstery which is eco-friendly. One of the most eco-friendly fabrics to use is that which are manufactured from the pulp of bamboo grass. Such fabrics are light in weight, resilient, hardy and long lasting. Not only that, but one of the most redeemable qualities of using bamboo fabrics for furnishings is that it is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. This makes it the perfect furnishing choice for homes that have children, pets and elders. Bamboo fibers are naturally very soft and smooth. Organic bamboo fabric however is very light and supple.

Bamboo boom

When it is used as a furnishing choice, is the perfect one as it causes no itching or irritation to the skin. It is easy to maintain and clean since it has anti-bacterial properties. It also has a tendency to absorb moisture. This makes it a suitable preference and choice for furnishings, especially when it comes to bath products like shower curtains, absorbent bath mats, rugs and bath robes. Any way one looks at it, fabrics made from bamboo are an ideal choice. Bamboos are grown in plentiful and with the right environmental and soil conditions, it can grow considerably each day. This is caused due to the unique rhizome dependent system; a unique characteristic prevalent in all bamboo plants which helps to facilitate the growth of the bamboo plant in the natural state without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

The right choices

Bamboo fabrics are a very popular choice for home furnishing products. Bath and other furnishings are mainly made from bamboo fabrics and this includes comforters, bed sheets, pillow covers, bed covers to name a few. Due to its natural and organic properties, it is now being highly recommended, endorsed and promoted by famous design houses and renowned brands. Other natural fabrics such as those made from silk, wool or cotton are equally popular choices for home furnishings.

Material gains

Natural fabrics are especially beneficial to home owners as they are hypo allergenic and anti-bacterial in nature. When it comes to choosing furnishings to decorate or enhance a room, fabric is always the best choice. It not only beautifies the room further, but also instantly increases its style quotient and adds elegance to it. Bamboo is one of the hardiest, sturdiest, most resilient and fastest growing of fauna. Not only is it easy to plant and use, it also grows in plentiful. Since the bamboo is a type of grass, it grows from the roots. The loss of foliage therefore is only superficial and the plant will experience re-growth in the next cycle. It requires no fertilizer or pesticide to facilitate its growth or protect it from natural elements and insects. Bamboo fabrics are pesticide free and healthier options.