Upholstered Furniture

November 26, 2016

Upholstered Furniture-01Upholstered furniture has been around since the 1700’s. It incorporates the use of plenty of cushions filled with foam and enclosed in either leather or fabric. The furniture’s frame can be wood on which springs are attached before the cushions can be placed on top.

Upholstered furniture is not just confined to sofas. Dining room chairs, coffee tables, and the headboard of beds are just some of the different furniture pieces that are upholstered today. Upholstered furniture lends itself to fine finishing and the best interior designers will tell you that it is rich in patterns, textures, color combinations, fabric options, and design. Due to the fact that it lasts long and is easy to maintain, it has become people’s favorite and has proved useful for a wide variety of rooms and the hotel’s honeymoon suite is no exception.



Think AmbianceUpholstered Furniture-02

Interior design in LA has everything to do with the right ambiance. In this case, you are looking to create a warm, romantic, or even sultry atmosphere. Upholstered furniture is great to work with as it gives you freedom to play around with color and texture to create your desired ambiance. Using a few different textures, you can achieve more depth in a room by creating layers. Color speaks. Dull colors fade away into the background, while bright colors leap. Therefore, splashes of bright colors layered in any room will certainly create that eye catching appeal, to give life to décor detail in the room hence achieving the desired ambience. Upholstered furniture helps you speak the luxury, style and romance language to your clients. Depending on the room you intend to design, the first and important step is to decide whether you will use fabric on your furniture or leather.

Leather or Fabric: Pros and Cons

Both leather and fabric come with their pros and cons and these must be weighed before making a decision. Fabric is seen as being more comfortable mainly because it tends to have a warmer finish and is softer. Leather may feel cold during the winter months and sticky and hot during warmer months. Fabrics are easy to take care of today and many of them come with a finish that is stain resistant making them quite easy to clean after a spill. A simple vacuuming on a regular basis or using a steam cleaner if you want a deeper clean is enough to keep you furniture as good as new. Fabrics also tend to withstand wear and tear resiliently. Because fabric upholstery offers such a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, modern interior designers Los Angeles have come to like it. This flexibility is a feature that the creative designer will reckon with.

Leather works great because it is hypoallergenic. It does not harbor allergens and dust mites quite with the ease of fabrics. Leather also makes the room look a lot more elegant. In addition, leather comes both in traditional pieces and trendier ones. If the theme of your hotel rooms leans more towards a modern look, it may be a good idea to incorporate a leather sofa because it will make the room look high end and sleeker compared to fabric. Taking care of leather is not difficult. You will need to dust it often, and twice or thrice a year give it a good rubdown. Of course, your budget comes into play when selecting the upholstered furniture of your choice. If you are looking for quality framing and fabric, the kind that top interior design in Los Angeles would purchase, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets. All the same, fabric is generally cheaper than leather.

Upholstered Furniture: History and Current Trends

Upholstered furniture has a rich history. However, it was not until 1705, that the first armchair which was fully upholstered became available. Before the armchair, were upholstered cane seats that made chair backs and seats a lot more comfortable than they were before then. Cushioned daybeds also came into the scene and redefined relaxation. With time, upholstered furniture became the most popular furniture during the reign of King William, taking over just about everything including bedsteads. Fabrics used during this time included heavy wool and silk damask. Their decoration included elaborate crewelwork, needlework, and embroidery. The cushions during this era were made from horsehair with a linen lining. In order to get some suspension, down was used. In the Queen Anne period, velvet fabric became a favorite for covering entire bedsteads.

With the best interior designers setting current trends, there is plenty going on in the world of upholstery. Bold patterns have taken over plus they are more colorful. Subtle metallic is another option that is currently trending.  Metallic leather may be a great idea for the honeymooners’ rooms if you are leaning more towards leather furniture because it is contemporary, ornate, and bold. Some designers have come out of the box to incorporate upholstery on other pieces of furniture and not just the sofa. Consider upholstering the headboard and maybe bed frames in the honeymoon suite. You may also upholster end tables, the console, and the coffee table. Basically, interior design in LA today encourages you to push beyond the bounds of what you have imagined or seen in the past and set the honeymoon suite on fire with innovative ideas.

Color Options

Bright colors are all the rage and upholstery is enabling the addition of color splashes and accents in décor. Color is ideal for setting the mood of the room and red is one of the colors making waves in interior design and when it comes to honeymoon suites, this color is just perfect. Deep ruby red used appropriately, will keep the room dark and lend a sultry air to it. Usually, interior designers in LA will pair it up with warm neutrals and then add black here and there to create a balance. Being a heavy hue, it works well on a feature wall or on the headboard. If you are looking to create flirt and fun in the room, you may opt for raspberry pink which is typically more red than pink. If ever there was a color of love, this is it. This color will go well with those trending metallic such as gold, bronze, and copper. Add splashes of white to keep it clean and crisp looking.

Other colors that you may want to consider include caramel that is biased more towards orange than muddy brown. You may also consider a caramel that tends towards peach and then mix it with dark, rich woods. Black is also a daring idea if you are leaning more towards a sexy room than a romantic one. If you have plenty of light coming into the room, most top interior designers in Los Angeles would consider incorporating lots of black either on the floor, as an accent color or in the trim. Only ensure that whatever color you choose, it will match the theme of your hotel suites.

Think Cleaning and Maintenance during Selection

For the modern interior designers Los Angeles, whatever furniture is selected, ease of cleaning and maintenance is a factor that one cannot afford to overlook. Upholstered furniture generally needs to be fluffed from time to time in order to revitalize the density and shape of the cushions. If you choose furniture with firm cushions, they won’t need this as much. It may also be a good idea to flip them to the other side every fortnight or so. Vacuuming the fabric often is important in order to get rid of dust and dirt. Have the furniture steam cleaned every so often as well to ensure that they remain clean and fresh always.