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“A room is like a canvas to an artist – a blank space where the subject, look, and feel of the artist’s imitation is portrayed with the use of oil or paint.  The same is true in interior design.  We translate our creativity through making simple spaces into aesthetically appealing and functional rooms using furnishings and colors.”

-Sharon Renshall, CEO and President, At A Glance Decor

Our Company

Sharon Renshall started the company in 2006.  After a long career subcontracting with major corporations for aerospace, she decided to make change and went back to college to study interior design.

It has always been her belief that ‘It is never too late, and nobody is ever too old to learn and start with a fresh chapter that one has a passion for.’

Hence, she founded a small business and aptly named it At A Glance Decor.


The mission of our design company is to study our client’s needs and put our thinking into action. A plan is then created to meet our client’s vision with cost and schedule consideration. We conduct inspections of finished goods and installations to ensure that every item is exactly as we specify. This is how we maintain a successful conclusion to every project.


Our line of work specializes in hospitality design with focus on Hotels, Senior Living Residences, Health Care Facilities, Educational Institutions and other Commercial spaces.

The services we offer range from illustrations and renderings, space planning and selecting fixtures and furnishings, to the development of documents and specifications.  We can also help in monitoring and managing the construction or installation of the specified project.

The design team generates recommendations for the functional and aesthetic potential of a space, keeping in mind the client’s vision and complying with the given budget and limitations.


Our company’s philosophy is to listen and communicate with our clients, so that we can provide quality products and deliver exceptional service.

At A Glance Decor is all about creating a lifestyle of comfort, elegance, and luxury.

From simply stunning accessories, to functional furniture pieces and savvy space planning.

We’ve got it all covered.

We are proud of the projects that we have done over the years.  Doing business with these clients have been an integral part in making the team more hardworking and persevering.

Our pride comes from the comforting feeling that we have served them well.